Sailing schedule

Learn more about Cascadia’s sailing schedule including regular connecting ports across trade lanes.

Agency network

Work directly with port agents at each of our serviced sea ports to quickly resolve handling issues and ask clearance questions directly.

Quality standards

Cascadia adheres to compliance standards set forth by the world’s largest auto manufacturers to keep your cargo safe along the delivery route.

Service maps

You are welcome to study each service map of Cascadia’s trade lanes.

Liability insurance

Find terms and conditions of Cascadia’s liability insurance policy.


Find a clear and comprehensive list of terminology used during the booking process to make your shipping experience as clear as possible.


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Competitive, International Ro-Ro Transportation Services

Cascadia Maritime Logistics is linking continents through dependable, quality Ro-Ro transportation services. Businesses can count on Cascadia Maritime Logistics to get their wheeled cargo and heavy-duty equipment from one country to another on a timely basis.

CML’s single, effective logistics solution integrates various roll-on roll-off liners and trampers to add immense value to businesses. It delivers a wide variety of wheeled cargo including (but not limited to):

  • Automobiles of all types and sizes
  • Road and construction machines
  • Static cargo on MAFI trailers
  • Yacht and motorboat delivery on trailers

Let the experienced, trusted agents at Cascadia Maritime Logistics handle all your Ro-Ro transportation needs!


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Our track record speaks for itself – your goods will be handled, stowed, and transported with precision. Contact us to learn more about our high standards of dependability and personal service.


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