Our Services

Cascadia Maritime Logistics offers the following maritime transportation services:

Ro-Ro transportation from Canada and the United States to Mediterranean and Black Sea ports

Ro-Ro transportation from China to Canada and the United States seaports

Ro-Ro transportation from China to Black Sea ports

Ro-Ro transportation from Canada and the United States to Eastern Africa

Ro-Ro transportation from Canada and the United States to Caspian Sea ports

CML’s special expertise is connected with logistics to challengeable ports in Libya, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and destinations across Former Soviet Union countries.

Reasons to Choose Ro-Ro from Cascadia Maritime Logistics

CML is an independent logistics service provider with unique solutions that have been tested over years of experience. By integrating the most convenient Ro-Ro hub ports, CML successfully combines various liner services into a single-stop solution for all types of wheeled cargo, including automobiles of all kinds and yacht and motorboat delivery on roll-trailers.

Personal Ro-Ro Transportation Needs

CML doesn’t just provide Ro-Ro for businesses. Individuals who are moving or even temporarily relocating can trust Cascadia Maritime Logistics to transport their car (or other wheeled cargo) from one country to another. CML always exercises great care with these items and delivers on time, eliminating stress for all parties involved. The owners spend the least amount of time separated from their transportation possible. Ro-Ro is more convenient and efficient when compared to conventional container services.

Linking Continents for Global Trade

Ro-Ro brings diversity to the portfolios of businesses that need global transportation services.

Cascadia Maritime Logistics is best at servicing difficult destinations in Africa, Former Soviet Union Countries, and South East Asia. This network of global Ro-Ro hub ports includes Singapore, Vancouver, Jeddah, Jebel Ali, Derince, Alexandria, Koper, Bremerhaven, Houston, and many other regional ports.

Cascadia Maritime Logistics also specializes in growing markets in Africa, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and the Near East. CML offers freight forwarding services to transport full and partial container loads from manufacturer to market. Don’t trust your business good with a less reputable service.


Cascadia Maritime Logistics offers services for vehicles traded at auctions across Canada and the United States that need to be delivered all over across the world. This service is available for everything from antique cars to yacht and motorboat deliveries on roll-trailers. CML’s solution represents a rivalry with container transportation no matter how challengeable it is. Passenger vehicles, road machines, and yachts all come into a regular flow from North American customers to multiple destinations all over the world.